Parakeet Puzzle And YASB (Yet Another Strange Bug)

small group of pacific parakeets
How many parakeets do you see in the photo?

Flocks of Crimson-fronted Green Parakeets (Arantinga finschi) have been frequenting our finca for the last month or so. They typically arrive in groups of 20 to 100 birds, all flying in sweeping formation, their almost fluorescent green plumage dazzling in the sunlight. When we're lucky they land on trees or bushes close to the house where I can get a shot of them. They screech in unison while flying, but once they settle into some trees or bushes for feeding they're remarkably lackadaisical, calm, and in no hurry to eat. Sometimes it seems as if they just want to get together and chat

green parakeet on a postage stamp

By the way, how many Pacific Parakeets can you spot in my picture above? Look carefully.  My answer is below the fold. 

Answer: I count seven birds in that photo
28-legged insect

Just when I think I've seen it all in the bug world down here, a new one pops up. 

This strange fellow was on the living room floor when Tamara grabbed a shot of it. I count 14 legs on each side plus that one on the left-rear that could be a trailing antennae and looks as if it's lost its symmetrical mate. 

So, anyone know what it would be classified as? Too many legs for an insect, too few for a centipede. Or so I thought. Turns out it is a House Centipede, is nocturnal and helps keep down other pests in the house such as cockroaches. Good for it!


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  2. The parakeets are disguising with the leaf...
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